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recording vocals for beginners

Le 10 programme supplied with alesis i02 express.
Im just starting and wish to record guitar and vocals . I cant seem to find information on how this is done . Plenty of info on drumbeats etc but I just want to know which button to press to record and stop and then playback.
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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for posting.

    This may be a better question to post on a general music forum, such as GearSlutz, but I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

    Basically, you will need to set your IO2 up in your DAW and will need to create two audio tracks; 1 for your mic, and 1 for your guitar.

    Please refer to the image below to properly configure your input and output settings on your computer:

    So that I may give you some more-focused information, which DAW did you want to use with your IO2?
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