Why can't I register my Alesis DM6?

I cannot seem to register my Alesis DM6 USB KIT! It keeps telling me something like Invalid Serial Number! Now I clearly do assume I do have a DM6 USB KIT as it looks pretty darn near exact to the pics of said same kit, with the same number of drums, cymbals, pedals etc... and; controller looks exactly correct for a DM6 USB kit too! I will attempt to include a photo - maybe I will be successful - we will see! If no photo I failed. Anybody why can I not register my kit?

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    You could have the DM6 USB kit or DM6 USB Express kit. Try registering both with the (21). Regardless, if you can't register it, there's no need to worry. Keep in mind that product registration is not related to your warranty. Your warranty begins from the purchase date from an authorized Alesis dealer. If you require service, you will be asked to provide a copy of your sales receipt. So, rather than product registration, your receipt is the most important document which you should keep to ensure eligibility for warranty service.
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