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replacement of memory backup battery SR-18

SR-18 does not save songs / patterns / drumsets. Is there a backup battery that needs to be replaced? Settings (eg midi channels) are saved allright.
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  • Hello, Koos 

    Thanks for posting! 

    How are you trying to save your songs, patterns, etc....?

    Please follow these steps to save your settings in this drum machine: 

    1. To save your set, press and hold the SAVE / COPYbutton. The display shows SAVE SET?, the currentlyselected Drum Set number (location), and a two-digitnumber that's the same as the currently selected DrumSet. You will notice the REC LED begin to blink.
    2. To save the Drum Set to the current location, pressREC.
    3. To save the Drum Set to a different location, enter the new Drum Set number with the INC/DECbuttons, number buttons (allowable range is 00-99), or the DATA dial.
    4. Finally, press REC to save to the selected location.

    Please let me know if it works, Hope this helps! 
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