Reprogram Octave Keys so that Up (+) becomes down, and vice versa

So the reason that brought me here is because I'm looking to reprogram the octave keys on my Alesis Q49. I am currently using it to be built into my Lowrey L2 Wandering Genie organ so it can have midi functioning while being able to maintain the original sound and wiring.

Everything on the project is going great, but the problem is i created three holes in the panel for the data entry buttons (Octave up, down and midi/select) just a little too high where i had to cut the bottom part of the PCB board off just slightly and flip it upside to fit in the panel space. If I would have made the holes down about 5mm this would be fine.

So now I'm looking how to reprogram the buttons in reverse since the PCB board is upside down. I can program if thats an option for firmware. I've also been looking at reprogramming on the keyboard via keys, and even in a DAW changing CC data.
Im just not sure if the buttons operate on CC data.

Thank you for any help

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