Roland pads with DM10

So I did the mesh conversion with my DM10, and I know have my second drum that doesn't work correctly. The rim triggers are responding but not the head itself. I was thinking about buying roland mesh heads to use but I don't know if it would work. Does anyone have any recommendations on other mesh heads that may work with the DM10 so I don't have to risk losing my money again trying to do the conversion myself?
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  • You really think the head has something to do with it? Personally I can't see how. I would bet that you broke one of the wires to the sensor while doing the conversion. They are pretty delicate.
    Which is why it voids your warranty (so I am told)
    I used just a standard silencing mesh and mine worked out fine...better than fine.
    You might want to check your wire connections to your sensor.
    Just a thought.
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