I had updated my sample pad pro with the hope that the problems i had would be corrected, this was not the case. Im still having problems and this is mainly to do with the triggering of the pads. I am able to hit each pad but i always seem to get a doubling effect. I am also getting a problem with the sensitivity and the shortening of samples.
Please help!
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  • Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Are you using firmware version 1.0.19? You can check this by viewing the display when you power on your SamplePad Pro. If you're experiencing issues with a doubling effect when striking the pads, you'll need to adjust your sensitivity settings. Check out this helpful article that will discuss how to optimize your crosstalk, sensitivity, and trigger settings:

    Can you provide me with some more information about the issues you're experiencing concerning the shortening of samples? Please make sure your samples feet the following requirements below:

    • The samples files must be 16-bit, mono or stereo .WAV files with a sample rate of 48K, 44.1K, 32K, 22.05K, or 11.025K.
    • The .WAV file must be located in the root (main) directory of the card and not in any folders.
    • We recommend formatting your SD card to a FAT32 file system (if it is not already) and naming your sample files according to this format. Basically, this means:
      • Do not use these characters: " * / \ : < > ? |
      • Do not use spaces.
      • Limit your file name to 8 characters (excluding the file extension, ".WAV").
    • You can assign up to 48 MB worth of samples per kit (the sample library on your SD card can be larger, of course). Also, please note that a sample's size will be rounded up when loaded (e.g., a 2.1 MB sample on the SD card will be treated as a 3 MB sample when it is assigned to a pad).
    • The max number of files that can be located in the root directory is 512.
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