Sample rack with behringer xr18 through MIDI

Hi, I need to connect midi the alesis sample rack with beheringer xr18 air, to have the kick, snare and toms channels separately on midi channels, but I am not able to recognize any midi sound.
I have updated to the last version of the sample rack 1.09 and the problem persists
What I can do?
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  • Hi Jose,

    Thanks for posting. 

    I'm not familiar with that Behringer unit you're using,  but do you want the XR18 to trigger your SampleRack, or do you want the SampleRack to trigger the XR18?  If the first option, you'll need to connect a MIDI cable from a MIDI Out port on the XR18 to the MIDI IN port on the SampleRack, or vice-versa for the other setup.

    If you need to change the MIDI channel(s) of the SampleRack, please follow these steps below:

    1. Press and hold the Cursor Up and Cursor Left buttons for 2 seconds to enter the main Options menu.
    2. Press the Cursor Up and Cursor Down buttons to highlight the MIDI submenu, then press cursor Right to enter the submenu.

    From here you can adjust the MIDI channel the SampleRack will transmit and receive data on.
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