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Samplepad Pro MIDI Thru

Dear all,
I am trying to control with my recently acquired samplepad pro a nord drum 1.
I have them connected to my DAW this way:
- Samplepad pro via USB midi (IN/OUT) to the PC
- Samplepad pro via MIDI DIN OUT to the nord drum MIDI DIN IN
- both audio out conncted to the mixer.
This configuration is ok to trigger my nord drum via samplepad pads and send them to the DAW for subsequent MIDI play, but when MIDI data are send to samplepad pro, these are not "thrued" to nord drum MIDI DIN IN so only samplepad pro sounds can be heard...
Would it be possible to require a thru option for samplepad midi out in the next firmware update? I have seen this feature in so many new gears that i thought it was just implemented ;)
Any other (practical) solution to this?
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