Samplepad Pro - Playing on board samples when using as midi controller


I am using my samplepad pro as a midi controller in ableton live.

It is connected via USB and triggers off the desired samples.

However the on-board drum samples assigned to each pad are also coming through via the laptop.

They don't appear to be coming through via Ableton as there is nothing showing in each channel (some of the samples are very quiet at the beginning so it would be obvious).

So basically for some reason the on board samples are coming through on top of the samples I am triggering in Ableton and I don't know why.

I have tried the following;
Assigning silent samples to each pad via SD card (caused error).
Turning the 'level' down to zero on each pad (samples can still be heard).
Changing the on board sample to 'Mute' for each pad (made no difference).

Can anyone help?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Just to make sure I'm understanding your inquiry correctly, you're saying that your SamplePad Pro, when connected to your computer and Ableton, is triggering both the sounds assigned in Ableton, as well as the sounds on the SamplePad Pro itself? Does this happen in another DAW outside of Ableton? If so, you may need to re-assign your MIDI channels on both the SamplePad Pro and in Ableton. I've included some information below that will walk you through changing your MIDI channels and routing in Ableton: 

    For instructions on how to change your MIDI routing settings on the SamplePad Pro, please visit this thread.
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