Samplepad4 Randomly changes kit.

When playing the Samplepad 4 with custom wave samples on the sd cards. It changes kit at random. Anybody else has this problem?
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  • Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for posting. Let's have you try performing a factory reset. This will not affect samples of kits stored on your SD card. To perform a factory reset, hold down the Cursor Left and Cursor Right buttons while powering on the SamplePad 4. 

    On any electronic percussion pad, all of the pads can hear the strikes made to all of the other pads. Because of this, playing harder than necessary will increase the likelihood of unintended pads triggering, or kits being changed, especially if the SamplePad 4 is being played on a table. This guide will talk about how to optimize crosstalk, sensitivity, and triggering - Alesis Samplepad Pro - How To Optimize Crosstalk, Sensitivity, and Triggering

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.
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