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Second kick pad down for the count

I have a DM6 kit. I have been playing it and it has been working well. After a few weeks the kick pad stopped working. A friend of mine had the same kit so I tried swapping out the pads. The second pad worked so I know it's not a cable issue. I contacted customer service and need to mail the pad back to be replaced under the warranty (I won't have it back for about a month. And I have to pay to ship it to them.)

Within 24 hours and before I mailed off the first pad the second pad died as well. It was working great, then got spotty for a bit, then went out entirely. I know I have a strong foot when I play, but aren't drums meant to be banged on. Am I knocking something out of place? Is there something I can do to fix it so I don't have to be without a drum kit for a month, or more?

I read another article about there being a spotty soldering job inside there that could be fixed with some electrical tape. But I don't want to open it up and void the warranty. Of course this happens on a Friday, so I can't reach customer service till Monday.
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