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second crash causes every pad to stop

I know theres already a post about this but its listed as solved and yet the person solved it himself and all the employee gave for advice was a reset. I performed the reset and yet I still have the same issue. I tried adjusting volumes and same problem. the rest of the kit works fine until I start hitting the second crash.
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  • Hello Dan,

    I would like to help. Are you using the Blue Jay Sound Set? If so, the Blue Jay Sound Set preset kits are programmed for the DM10 Pro Kit. This means within the preset drum kits there are no instrument assignments to the 2nd (single-zone) crash pad or the 4th tom pad as the Pro Kit does not have these pieces.
    However, you can still add sounds to these inputs by assigning them through the INST menu on the DM10.

    If not, let me know.
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