Send patterns from Garageband to SR-16?

Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere, but I've been looking for a while and striking out.

I'd like to create patterns in Garageband/Logic and transfer them to an SR-16. I could program them by hand, but I'm a lot faster with GB. I'm using a Mac 10.13.6, Garageband 10.3.2, an SR-16, and a USB to MIDI cable. I have an io26 that I could also use, though I'm not sure it would help.

If this isn't possible I'll have to either create them by hand (time consuming) or bring my laptop to gigs (risk of theft). Is there any way to pull it off? I see a lot of posts about sending stuff from the SR-16 to GB, but not the other way.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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