Kick Drum from my DM10 kit needs a repair

Hello team Alesis, I am using Alesis Dm10 Studio Kit from 27th Jan 2016 its been less then 2 months and my bass drum pad (Kick drum) was not working properly so i took a look inside and the connection is broken (above which a black tape was stuck) and the trigger was not sending accurate signal. I will be grateful to you if you can hep me trouble shoot this internal problem.

p.S. use quality wires inside as it might not be seen, but needs strength to forward proper signal.
(totally satisfied with DM10 module, but wont say the same for hardware and internal wiring.)
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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Troubleshooting internal parts of product are not handled here on the forum. You'll need to contact our technical support team who then can get you to the right people to repair this kick drum. Please reach out to our technical support team by logging onto Also, here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

    • Submit a Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto Select Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu.


    • For quicker support, call your nearest Support Office. An experienced support agent can assist you over the phone. Their office contact numbers are listed on that page.
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