Setting up a Control Pad with a DM10

I'm hoping someone can help with my situation. I have a DM10..and a Control Pad. I use the DM10 all the time to trigger my acoustic kit for gigs...I'm very familiar with it. That said...I'm having issues getting the Control Pad to operator correctly. I can change the sounds on a single pad...or have each of the 8 pads produce the same sound...but I can't figure out how to assign a voice to each individual pad. No issues with the Control Pad when used with a keyboard or Ipad Midi setup..but can't get it working correctly with the DM10. I've followed steps as directed in the manuals...still no success. Since I use the DM10 to trigger my acoustic kit...I'm looking to add the Control Pad for additional percussion sounds. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer up some advice and wisdom.
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