Unable to set up Vortex Wireless in Ableton Live Lite

I'm setting up my Alesis with Ableton Live and the first step says to change the Control Surface, Input, and Output to "Vortex Wireless" but it will only allow me to chose it is Control Surface. Both "Input" and "Output" remain uneditable.
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  • Hi Bryde,

    Thanks for posting! I'll be happy to help!

    Once you've installed the included Ableton Live Lite software, go to the product page, click on the Docs & Downloads tab, then download and install the Vortex Ableton Live Controller Map. 

    Note: If you're on Windows you will need to extract the .zip file before installing the controller map.

    Once installed, press Patch Select on the Vortex until the LED located next to A is lit. Next, press Pad 1 within 5 seconds. The display will show P1 when the correct patch is selected.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!
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