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Somebody smashed and broke the display screen on my samplepad pro

The display screen on my Samplepad Pro has been smashed in and stopped working. Wat do? This happened on my bloody birthday too =/

I along with a bunch of other bands played at my birthday party last week. Everything was great, all the gear was left in the little stage area (my living room) all night and people were jamming away on synths and whatever. In the morning I found somebody had smashed the screen of the sample pads with a very hard hit with a drumstick, rendering it completely unusable. The back light is ok.. but there is no text what so ever. I thought this would have been a common problem, but I can't find any info about repairs or replacement parts.. This is the closest 'fix' I have found so far with a few internet searches..http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/50601...
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