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Sound Quality on Recording MultiMix USB 8 FX

Having a couple problems with my MultiMix 8 USB FX. Right now I'm only recording my guitar. It is plugged in properly and I am recording through the USB out to my computer.

First off there's usually a "shhhh" hiss sound in the background. I can reduce this by turning down Main volume but it doesn't totally go away. And if I turn my guitar volume up to compensate for turning down Main volume, there is a very small window before the guitar will start sounding "crunchy" which is what seems to happen when the guitar is too loud and overflows the mixer.

So any help on getting rid of this hiss, and/or being able to get the guitar loud without crunching?

Also, sometimes it seems to be recording at a much louder volume than it comes out while I'm just playing.

So I've narrowed it down to the USB out from the mixer to my PC, because the problem is not there when i just play out to the speakers. The problem is only in the recording. And it's not in the play out from USB, that is fine, its only on the in to the PC that the problem is. I can't play the guitar at any volume on the recording without it crunching. But when i play out to the monitor or main speakers it sounds fine.
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