SR-16 waltz beat how to

SR-16 waltz beat how to
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  • Hi Cary,

    Thanks for posting.

    Follow these steps below to make a waltz beat on your SR16:

    1) Press the Pattern/Song button to ensure you're in Pattern Mode.
    2) Press the Preset/User button to ensure you're in User mode.
    3) Select an empty pattern, preferably pattern A.
    4) Press the Perform/Compose button to enter compose mode.
    5) Press the Drumset button to choose your drumset.
    6) Press the Record Setup button.
    7) On Page 1, set your quantization. Set your click on page 3. I would suggest using a quarter note click.
    8) Set your beats per measure on page 6. You can choose 3 for 3/4 or 6 for 6/8. To lock in your time signature, press Play.
    9) Go to page 10 to name your beat.
    10) Press Record Setup. You are now ready to record your beat. press Play. You should then hear the click. Enter your beat.
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