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SR18 - Live Performance Feedback and Potential Upgrades

I have been using the SR18 for live play performance with a trio and for a couple of years and have some feedback for the designers. First let me say that the basic design is excellent. I'm not sure if all of the things I have managed to do with it were actual design features or just unexpected bonuses from trial and error but I want to commend the designers for their forethought that went into it.
These user observations may or may not be food for thought for future upgrades or the next generation if it should come to pass.

1) When used in outdoor venues in direct sunlight or in any high light situation where I want to wear sunglasses the screen is unreadable due to the effects of polarization. This is important for me as I use a tablet with SONG step cues to allow me to ensure we are playing the song as programmed and if we stray I can take corrective action to get us back in sync. I really don't know if there is a solution for this other than removing my sunglasses. One solution might be the option of switching the screen appearance between white background with black text & black background with white text ?

2) There are times when on the fly we need to revert to pattern play only (e.g. a requested song for which we have not programmed the song or just because we have no more song storage memory). In those cases I sometimes have to use a PRESET pattern and as a result the overall volume can be a problem - usually too loud. Having the volume output knob located on the back of the unit makes good design sense but during live performance it is awkward to manipulate.
The possibility of relocating it to the front panel or adding a secondary front panel output volume control is something I'll throw out there as something to make it even more live performance friendly. P.S. One might think that 100 song locations is adequate but I am on to my 2nd unit hooked up in parallel and will be out of space again soon.

3) I have really come to appreciate the 4 assignable outputs for USER drum sets. In order to accomplish optimum EQ in my set up I am using all 4 as follows: Kick - MAIN LEFT, Snare 1&2 - MAIN RIGHT, Toms and Cymbals AUX - LEFT & RIGHT respectively. This leaves no option to isolate the song intro click pattern from the FOH which although not major is still something I'd like to be able to isolate to the stage sound only.
Another OUTPUT option and associated jack for CLICK track would be a great as it could be routed to a small on stage powered speaker or monitor. For the needed space I would eliminate the instrument input jack but I'm sure others would not agree. Wondering Is there any way the PHONES output could be an additional assignable output - could it be made multi purpose?

4) My last comment is not for an upgrade but a plea that, if you are considering a new unit with the current functionality and more, please ensure the new unit will allow seamless transfer of SR18 data, either unit to unit of through my current BOME SX set up so that the many hours of customized pattern editing and song creation will not be lost.

That's all for now. Hope you have found this feed back worth while and if anyone on the forum has any suggestions for possible options / solutions I have not considered I'd be happy to hear about them.
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