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Strike 1.5 firmware request thread.

Things the community would like to see implimented in future updates:

I found the 1.4 update to be a welcome upgrade to an already awesome module. But it didn't quite reach what I believe would make it as close to perfect as possible. So I thought I would share some of my ideas. The first three are the most important to me, #6 is just something that would be cool, I'd much rather time and effort went into bringing us new sounds and updating module capabilities. What is important to you? Do you have anything to add? Here's my list so far.

1: Bring back the individual zones lighting up on the display, it was very helpful in chasing down crosstalk issues.

2: Add intensity meters on the trigger page for each zone, the DM10 has this, the Crimson and all its similar modules have it, it's great for setting sensitivity.

3. Add MIDI notes so users can add pads without having to resort to splitters.

4. If it's not a hardware limitation, add the ability to have more than one 3 zone ride cymbal (if #3 is addressed, one could potentially do this by connecting another module with that capability)

5. Add the ability to play MP3s from the SD card to play along with.

6. Add the ability to move the locations of the drums on the display around to match your kit set up. On that note, add the ability to add, remove, and change pad types as well.
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