Strike Editor error Hardware not found on Windows 10

I had successfully updated the Strike Pro module to the v1.3 and all of the content was working. I was using the Strike Kit Editor software to change the kits, change settings and everything.
Then I never connected up the computer to it for about 6 weeks and was just using the module.
Now when I connect it up and start the editor, I get the Hardware not found error and the editor closes.
I've verified that the USB controller is working properly, I can see the drives successfully on the Strike Module and everything about it seems to work fine according to the USB Class Compliant link ( Then i tried it on two other computers I have with exactly the same results. I only have the single USB-B to USB-A cable handy to test but its working for everything else (printers, scanner) that uses those connectors. I will try to get another cable somewhere (Its a holiday here in Canada right now), but I'm starting to think it may be the module itself.
If I do a factory reset, will that reset it back to the v1.1 that was on it or to some factory default settings in v1.3?
What else can I do to troubleshoot this or are there any other known issues with the module that I can be troubleshooting?

The module/utiliy/os shows both at v1.30 and I had successfully done the content upgrade so I have all the new kits and sounds. But there are now horizontal lines in the display window in the middle of the screen and two at the bottom of the screen that weren't there before. But everything else seems to be working great.

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