Strike kit module showing SD card error

Hi! I'm working in a musicstore and just mounted up the new Strike Kit for a customer. Realy nice. After two days, turned it on, sudden all the kits, sampels, FX .etc where gone. And SD card error. Tride to update the firmware, still nothing.. This error is not a good impression.
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  • Hello,

    Sorry you're having issues with your Strike Pro Kit. 

    Can you confirm the specs of the SD card you're using, and if you're using the included SDHC card or your own? If your samples were loaded from a Mac, it's possible invisible files may have been written on to the card. The Mac OS operating system creates invisible files on any card, drive, or volume. One invisible file is created for each visible one. The invisible files will have the same name as the original, but will begin with "._". For example... Origial File Name SNARE.WAV Mac Invisible File NameSNARE.WAV These invisible files will be visible when read from the Sample Pad, and the Sample Pad will display Invalid Format when the SamplePad attempts to load them.Solutions
    • Ignore the invisible files, and skip over them when looking for samples to load from the card.
    • Use a Windows PC to load the files. The invisible files will not be created on a PC.
    • Use a Windows PC to delete the invisible files created by the Mac.
    • Use a free utility such as CleanDisk for Mac to remove the invisible files on the card from your Mac.

    Please follow the steps in this guide that will walk you through performing the firmware update and optimizing trigger response. 
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