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Hey there.
As the title info advised me to ease up on the cap locks as it looks like I'm shouting. However, the bottom of this box asks me to get emotional.
Anyway, the fact is I am shouting with the deflated, yet determined feeling that the Strike Multipad is a potentially great product and is so close to being amazing, but more work needs to be done. And sooner rather than later.

My praise to Criss and Bill for their constant replies and assistance who inform us and you of all things Strike Multipad.

The issues concerning the Strike Multipad have been well documented. Adjusting loop tempos , Hihat connectivity, Kit changing and chaining, dedicated software program etc... My issue is that it also lacks in it's editing ability.

The KIT FX section needs work.
For starters, There's no EQ, COMP or FILTER on the KIT FX. This would be greatly effective as not everything should be EQ;d by the MST FX. The sampled Loops don't need mastering again, yet could be done on the KIT FX if need be.
There's only one time function to determine the LR or LCR delays. Having individual setting options, i,e time in ms, or tempo signatures, level settings would greatly enhance its effect.

The MFX.
Only One of the 3 FX can be actively changed because of the stationary EQ and COMP function. How great plus it would be to have another multi MFX via the A-link.

The SOUND, F5 Mix function.
I was a bit confused by the terms FADE IN and FADE OUT in the screen as I assumed it meant Volume change and not a position change. It acts as an Attack and a Decay to that sound being used.
However, having a volume fade in and out would be great. as each pad can use 2 parts, transitioning one to the other would be a great addition. e,g a kick drum or snare with a velocity change.

The HiHat connectivity. could've been better served as option. As it is with an On and OFF function and/or as another external pad. Making it's midi compatibility more flexible. And Yes, a Midi Implementation would be very handy indeed.

I will mention again the Loop Tempo change, as the Multipad can work in more ways than just a hybrid setup with a band.
Working with a DJ for example. There's not one DJ deck these days that don't have a Tempo warp function. And they use it ALL the time.
It's an industry standard to all, so leaving it out is bordering absurd.
It is desperately needed.

Seamless Transition when changing kits? Yes please. What a great asset that is not to have your last program cut off before changing to the next.
Kit chaining is a powerful asset when having a show to do.

A software program for the desktop computer. Great for importing samples and editing.

As a keyboard and piano player, almost all of my work is done with Roland products.
I assist the drummers in programming, sampling and editing their digital equipment.
To choose the Strike Multipad was easy because there's been nothing like it for years that you'd consider comparing it to. It leaves a bitter taste of mis-functionality when compared to its predecessors.

I, like others want the Strike Multipad to be a great product, not just one to look at and admire, but be as good, if not better setting a new standard than those before you as they won't lose any sleep with these shortcomings.
For crying out loud, get an Update for this product as soon as possible.

The Design team have done their part, Software team, time to pull your finger out.
So as my headline shouts, the Strike Multpad. Come on guys, you need to act now.
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  • Hello, Ess Jay

    Thanks for posting! 

    We appreciate your feedback. I have logged your comments and suggestions for our development team!  

    In regards to the Fade In and Fade out feature, if you load a loop and set these parameters to 50%, it will fade in and fade out the volume. This is not an Attack and Decay though that will be the case if you are doing this to a very short sample. This feature works as advertised. 

    Hope this helps! 
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  • This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Alesis Multipad. PLEASE Update your system.

    Here are a list of items desperately needed

    1, Start Tempo when hitting a pad.
    It is SO annoying when you have to adjust your start times to the tempo of the Multipad instead of it playing when you activate a pad.

    2. Tempo Warp/change.
    It's an Industry standard and it's a must.
    Not only for playing live but also with a DJ.
    It's impossible to change a loop from 128bpm to 133bpm without stopping the loop, changing the loop, then starting the new loop. Or when the loop is being changed it will stop anyway. And when there is no loop to change to at 133bpm, you're screwed.

    3. Kit Chaining. So necessary for playing live. A stop and search scenario just doesn't work.

    4. Kit/Loop transition.
    Having a loop, cymbal/crash continue playing when changing kits. Also with the Kit Chain. Again, It's a must.

    5. Sample delete.
    There is no way to delete the samples you don't want.

    Please, Please, Please get these done asap.

    Other Issues.
    6. EQ, Filter and Comp on KIT FX. I don't understand why there is no EQ on the KIT FX. Not everything should be EQ'd from the Master FX.

    7. Add Sound Modifying to the Mix page (SOUND, F5)
    For example. Adding Cutoff and Resonance to the mix page would make a Oneshot sample sound more expressive.

    8. ADSR and Velocity to the Multipad's sample editor. For Example. Making a Tom's tail shorter.
    It's now only possible by cutting off the end. Using a Decay to fade out the end.

    10. Software Editor.
    Just like the things mentioned in 7, but with greater editing functions and flexibility.

    Too much?.....
    11. Adding a second FX to a pad. Right now you can only use one FX. Using 2 for example, A reverb and chorus. A delay and phaser.

    These are just a few of the things listed above in the hope that an update will be out very soon.

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