Strike Multipad HH setup

Hey, new and excited Strike Multipad user here.

I'm trying to work out how to get the HH functionality working, and not having much luck.

What I'm looking to do is pretty straightforward:
I'd like to set up a single pad that is controlled by a foot pedal (ideally a hi-hat pedal, but it can be a sustain pedal or footswitch, if that's the only option).
When I hold the pedal down, I'd like a closed hi-hat sound to play, and when I release the pedal, I'd like an open hi-hat sound to play (both on the same pad).

I've used different systems over the years, and I know there are few different ways of doing things (mute groups, layering, etc), but I can't seem to figure out how the Strike does it (assuming that it can).

I've got 3 different pedals to experiment with:
an old hatKAT (which has 3 different connections; trigger, footswitch, and control)
a Yamaha HH65
and a Yamaha FC5

So far, the HH65 doesn't seem to work at all, and the only sign of life I've been able to get out of the hatKAT is when I plug it in using the footswitch connection; when I do that, it lets me assign a sound to it, but it doesn't seem to notice that it's being held in the "down" or "on" position.

I'm fine with picking up another pedal/controller, as long as it'll do what I'm looking for.

Can anyone offer any help or relatable experience?

thanks in advance!

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