Strike Multipad Hi-Hat pedal control in Superior Drummer / Ableton


I was curious if anyone was using Superior Drummer or EZ Drummer with the Strike Multipad. I'm having difficulty getting it to recognize the hi-hat pedal.

Does the Strike Multipad output the pedal position via midi? I've read pedal position is usually sent over CC4, but I can't find a way to confirm that in the module. I've also installed a midi diagnostic tool, and when I move the pedal I am only seeing the close note triggered. Not the position. But I could be reading the software incorrectly.

Does anyone trigger the hi-hat open/closed via midi software?

Also, I've tried 3 sustain / hi-hat pedals and neither of them have sensitivity control according to the module. It only send a static close-hi-hat sound. Does the Alesis hi-hat pedal have sensitivity? I've already ordered one, so I hope so!

Thank you!

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