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Strike Multipad Looper Play/Stop Button Issue

I am so impressed with this product, it can do so much more than I ever thought possible. That being said I do have a small bit of feedback!

I am trying to use the multipad to loop guitar live, and I've run into this issue while doing so. I need a way for the click track to continue playing even if I stop using the looper. Right now the looper play/stop control turns the click track off. If I already have the click running before I bring the looper in, I should be able to have the click continue once I stop recording the loop. Right now I am able to make due by turning the click track back on after stopping the looper, but it's silly to have to turn it back on manually in the middle of a song. If you have any questions about what I'm talking about I'd be happy to clarify further! I'd love to see this change on the next firmware update.
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  • Hello, Grant 

    Thanks for posting! 

    I totally see how this could be useful in a live setting! Currently, this is not a "Live Looper" which is why the click does not continue to run after exiting looper mode. However, I can definitely submit your feature request, this might be something we implement in a future update for the Strike Multipad.

    Thank you for your feedback!
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