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Strike pro 16" cymbal with nitro module?

I have a ntro kit that I replaced all the drum pads with strike pros. Super happy with them. I recently started upgrading the cymbals too. I bought the 16" triple zone that I was going to use the crash and ride channels on. I am not getting any sound. Will the nitro module work with the cymbal?
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    This cymbal works as a triple trigger cymbal on Alesis modules with Ride1 and Ride2 inputs running two TRS/Stereo cables from the cymbal to module Ride1 and Ride2 inputs, you get Bell,Bow,Edge triggering, and the Choke capability.

    As it sits on a stand , (left output) is (A)Bell/Bow..(right output) is (B)Edge/Choke.
    You can also use this cymbal as a dual trigger cymbal with a single TRS/stereo cable and 1/8"-1/4" headphone adapter or dummy plug(TRS).

    Insert TRS cable into A.. the adapter/dummy plug in B,Bell and Bow triggers work separately, but you get no Edge and no Choke.
    Insert Adapter/dummy plug into A,cable into B you get Edge/Choke,but no Bell or Bow.
    You always need something in B,whether it's a dummy plug or a TRS cable to the module.
    You'll get nothing from either output jack without the adapter/dummy plug if you use a module with a single Ride input.

    I have tested the STRIKE 16" Ride with the single Ride cable modules Crimson/II..DM10 MKII Studio..Command (Rebranded Medeli DD514) using the dummy plug..but you'll never get the full 3 zone plus choke capabilities.

    If the Nitro Ride cable is TRS you can try the above combinations with a dummy plug.(or 1/8" to 1/4' headphone adapter).It will depend on how the module is setup for samples. You may not get a bell because there isn't one and the Bell zone is "Switch"

    The Nitro expansion Crash 2 Input uses a standard 1/4" TS cable so you may only get the edge zone and no choke.It will depend if that zone was setup for Piezo or "Switch".
    I don't have one of those modules or the cymbals.

    Try the ride cable from the module harness into A and a cable from B to the Crash 2 expansion port and see what you come up with.
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  • Hello, Everyone

    Thanks for posting! 

    Yes, Chaser is correct in regards to this cymbal not triggering unless both ports have a cable plugged into them. All of the pads on our kits are more often than not made to work with those specific modules. I would recommend trying some of the steps written above by Chaser, it doesn't hurt to explore the possibilities :)

    Hope this helps! 
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