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Strike Pro Brain / Module Information Please!

Concerning the new & upcoming Strike Pro Kit, about the Brain / Module: Does anybody, anywhere have "any" specifications about it? How many inputs? Single, double and triple zone? How does it compare with the DM10 Brain / Module? What are the differences? Etc... ad on infinitude? I have seen and heard only small pieces of info, hearsay really, spread over a dozen different posts! Anybody have the real full scoop they can post in one post or article? Pricing too for the Brain / Module alone would be nice, as well as compatibility with pre-existing equipment! Somebody / anybody PLEASE... put it all down in one spot! maybe a *.PDF I can download, and; analyze for myself! Something! Anything! TYVM in advance. P.S. I cannot even TAG this question! The product is a phantom! It does not exist - LOL.
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