Strike Pro cymbals with the DM10 module?

I would like to upgrade the cymbals on my DM10x mesh kit, it would be great to use the new Strike Pro cymbals and repurpose the old ones in other areas on the same kit.
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    Thanks for posting. 

    The cymbals that come with the Strike Pro Kit are not proprietary to that kit and will work with virtually any electronic drum module. You shouldn't experience any issues in connecting them to your DM10. 

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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    • I agree - after I make a purchase like this, I usually try to mod and enhance the set for a few years before replacing with a newer generation.
    • Always a pleasure to meet another old schooler, Dvash. I suspect that the reason why the new Strike cymbals aren't available for separate pubic purchase yet, is Alesis wants to unload as many complete Strike kits as they can first. Making separate purchases of the Strike cymbals available too soon will give us old schoolers more reason to hold on to our trusty DM10 modules. The wait is worth it, though. Warmest regards, Peter.
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