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Strike Pro Kit - Firmware Version 1.3 out now!

Hi Everyone!

The latest version of the Strike Pro firmware has been updated to 1.3!  This update can be downloaded from the Strike Pro Product Page. In this update you will find the following changes:

  • Power Station New England Kit Expansion: Added two new preset kits.
  • Improved Playability: Extensive improvement of trigger response and realism.
  • Automatic Hi-Hat Calibration: Firmware now automatically adjusts to the hi-hat pedal and hardware performance. If you adjusted the position of your top hi-hat cymbal or your hi-hat pedal hardware, enter Trigger Mode (press Edit > Triggers), set Trig to HiHat Bow or HiHat Edge, and then press F1/F2/Pedal. In the screen that appears, press F1/F2/HiHat Reset to initialize the calibration.
We also added three new parameters to Trigger Mode, though you should not have to adjust them for most hi-hat hardware:

  • Chick: Raises or lowers the point at which your pedal will trigger the "chick/stomp" sound. If you play with the top cymbal really high above the bottom one, or if you hi-hat pedal has high-tension springs, increasing this setting may help you get a more consistent chick/stomp sound. 
  • Tightness: You should not have to adjust this much, but if you tend to play with very little distance between the hi-hat cymbals when opening and closing them, lowering this setting may help capture the finer details of your playing. If this setting is too low, you may trigger unintentional "chick/stomp" sounds while striking the top cymbal. 
  • Sensitivity: Lowering this setting can help increase the dynamic range of the "chick/stomp" sound (though setting it too low can cause inconsistent chick volumes). 
  • Splash: This setting determines how easy or hard it is to create a hi-hat "splash" sound. Higher values make it more difficult to "splash", though you may prefer that depending on your "footwork".
  • Curve: If you prefer to hear more closed or semi-open sounds, choose one of the logarithmic curves (Log 1-4). If you prefer a more open sound, choose an exponential curve (Exp. 1-4). Select Linear for an even balance between these. 
  • Compressor,  EQ, and FX2 processor: Kit FX Mode now includes a built-in compressor and equalizer, great for adding those final touches to your sound. We also added an FX2 processor (the previous FX tab is now FX1).
  • Updated Effect Routing: Onboard effects are not pre-fader so adjusting your Strike module's sliders will adjust any associated effects too, such as reverb or delay tails. 
  • Program Change Receive: Send MIDI program change messages to your Strike module's MIDI input or USB port. The numbers of program change messages correspond to the kits listed in the current folder. Alternatively, send MIDI CC #118 to increment by one kit or MIDI CC #119 to decrement by one kit. 
  • Minor bug fixes.

NOTE: This is a two-part update process: first, you will update your Strike module's firmware, then you will update the module's sound content using the Strike Editor Software. Please carefully follow the firmware update instructions first, install the latest Strike Editor software, then follow the sound content update instructions. 
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