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Strike Pro Mesh Kick head failing after only a few weeks

I just got this kit and it is absolutely great to play, but... I read about the felt beaters being bad for the bass drum head. In the first week or so didn't see any issue with it, but as I seen more advice on the felt beater being bad for the head I decided to turn it around to the plastic side. Within days it started to put a hole in the head. Don't know if the info is bad about the felt side wearing down the head, but it seems like the plastic is much worse. It is a Sound Percussion double pedal. Don't if the plastic side is meant to be used in the first place. I read somewhere that these are really good heads.
For now I am using the felt side with a Evans patch over the bad spot. Don't know how long that will last. FYI... I am not overly heavy on the bass pedal either.
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