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Strike Pro module suddenly stopped registering inputs from all pads during a performance

On my third gig using the Strike Pro kit, all of the drum sounds suddenly cut out right in the middle of a song. I looked over at the module and saw that it was still powered, but none of the hits on any of the pads were registering on the screen. In a panic I thought to try turning the module off and on again, and that seemed to solve the problem and the rest of the show went off just fine.

My concern is that I now don't trust the module because every time I use it I'm going to be worrying about the same thing happening. This is the first negative thing I've experienced personally in regards to the Strike Pro kit, and really love it otherwise. However, if the Strike Pro is going to gain widespread acceptance with professional musicians, it really needs to be rock-solid in the reliability department.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? BTW, I'm using the latest firmware (v1.2) at the time of this writing.
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