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I’m baffled

Strike Pro review

So after a week with the strike pro module,here are my thoughts.

The Good: the kit sounds really good. Granted it took quite a bit of tweaking but the ability to sound great is in this kit.
I like that it has a large library of electronic sounds.
Some people actually play music that requires this and its nice to see them included.
It works well with my Roland Pads. I just bought the module so I wasnt shure how it would work with Roland gear. But it's been a very easy set up.
I like that it can have unlimited kits on the SD card.
The screen is good and the controls are initiative.
Multiple outs are really nice.

The Bad: you can't send or receive program changes. So the ability to use this with a sequencer/daw/other sound module to change kits is not an option. That's a huge bummer for live playing.
The kits take a bit of time to load fully. So if you are like me and play more than just an acoustic sounding set all night, you may be waiting between songs.
And lastly I was really hoping this would load a full song into each kit to play backing tracks live. But the limitations on total sample size and load time don't allow for this.

So my conclusion:
I'd give the Strike module a 7/10.
The poor midi implementation is my biggest drawback. Playing in a band that uses backing tracks and multiple kits all night is not something Alesis thought of for this kit.
If you just want a good recreation of an acoustic kit with volume control this is a great kit for that.
But I think Roland, Pearl and 2box aren't going to lose any customers that require professional features for live playing to this kit.
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  • Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for posting!

    Yes, it can take some time to get the sound you want out of the Strike module, but once you get your tone dialed in, it's an incredible experience. You really can get just about any sound you want out of the module, which makes it suitable for virtually any style of music you prefer. 

    Regarding not being able to send and receive program changes and kits taking time to fully load, I will pass this feedback along to my software team for you, and it's my hope these will be present and resolved in a future firmware update.
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