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strike pro ride bell not triggering/module freezes hard

Several months ago the Strike Pro module froze hard on one of the kits. I couldn't get any buttons or the jog wheel to change kits, I had to manually power off. In just the last two weeks the same issue has happened 3 times and as of tonight (recording new drums to several tracks) I noticed that the ride bell isn't triggering "bell" samples, it just triggers the Bow sample on all zones. I seldom can get Edge to trigger properly unless I use the side of the stick and it sounds freakin' ugly. I am seriously worried about these issues. I did a Factory Reset, I unplugged the entire harness and reset all connections. I just got a new interface that allows me to use the 8 outs and these malfunctions have completely cast a dark cloud over my plans. I'm in the middle of redoing dozens of drum tracks and I'm up a creek at the moment. I need a fix or a replacement immediately. I'm be glad to post a video on YouTube, in fact I'll probably do that tonight...I've tried to ignore the smack talk about this kit, but not anymore...after seeing so many similar issues with multiple Alesis modules. I guess I'll reinstall the firmware and see if that can jog it back to normal. It's triggering, just improperly. Maybe 1 out of 50 hits will get the Bell to trigger. I could have sworn it was normal just 2 days ago. I've done nothing to alter it.
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