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Strike: You dont need to remove SD card to delete kits.

So I keep reading about people being annoyed that they have to remove their SD card and have a constant back and forth between a computer in order to delete kits.

Well you still need your computer but you can delete kits in real time and add them instantly with a lap top. All you need is the USB cable that most everyone should have if you have done the necessary updates to your strike module.

After you plug the module into your computer open your files in your computer. Your computer will recognize the SD card in your strike module as an external drive. You now can delete and drop in any kit your want and it will automatically and instantly save on your strike module.

This way you have a direct link to your User kit library while you are playing. Now I know its not as easy as being able to just delete within the module but its a helpful tip until that capability is available.
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