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StrikePro module display broken. Fixable?

I've had my StrikePro kit for about a month and today as I was playing I suddenly noticed the display screen was badly cracked. I honestly have no idea how this has happened as I am meticulous about protecting the module and know I have not accidently hit it with my sticks or dropped anything on it. Whilst the module and display are still working OK, the cracked edges are sharp and a small piece of the plastic has lodged inside the lower part of the display area. I've attached a photo showing the damage.

Has anyone else had this problem and is it possible to repair with a new cover? I would hate to have to buy a new module although I guess I could live with it if I have to. What's so annoying is that I've only had the kit for a month. I have contacted the place I bought it from so hoping they might offer a replacement but if not does anyone have any ideas?
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