DM Lite - Stuck in "Coach Mode"?

PROBLEM: I went into coach mode to try it out and i tried the up down thing and the beat check, pretty cool if you're just getting used to the kit or drum mode, but after that i wanted to go back to trying out other kits and stuff and i tried everything to get out of coach mode, so i thought. I tried hitting both pattern and tempo buttons at the same time, i tried turning the unit off, and back on only to find i was still in coach mode, i tried pressing different buttons only to go to other parts of the coach mode.

After checking the community feed i found a long drawn out post where the answer was kind of hard to find because the customer started with an attitude that continued till the end and i don't think the alesis employee understood the person's problem, who then made him get even more agitated, (not sure why alesis hasn't just deleted the whole post) but here's the solution for someone just wanting the quick answer....

hold the pattern button and press the tempo button, you should then see "001" on the screen. this seems to exit coach mode. You're welcome.

P.S. Also, this kit is a lot of fun for beginners, I've only had it a few days and it's all i think about at work, getting home to playing the best i can to songs that have easy but exciting drum parts.
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