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Surge mesh kick drum issue

After stepping on the pedal once, the beater and pedal don’t go back to the “resting position” (see photo), I always have to adjust the bolts on the side, the bolts will loosen overtime
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  • I have a few of these pedals for spares and they aren't made up of the greatest components.I don't know if your photo shows when you have it tightened(too loose) or if that is the result over time.
    I attached a photo of where I usually set it.
    The simplest would be to use "loctite" on the threads...just a drop.Setup the pedal the night before so the loctite has time to cure.Loctite is available everywhere these days auto parts stores,Groc Stores,Target etc and you can get very small amounts.

    Also...Rule #1 when using a kick pad with a mesh head is never use a felt beater.
    The 2 surfaces cause friction while playing and the felt disintegrates while wearing
    down the mesh ,shortening the life of the head drastically and it eventually fails
    Fast drummers actually fuse/burn through the head in no time at all.
    If you absolutely have to use it,at least put a patch on the head.

    Loctite Blue
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