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I’m excited

Surge Mesh Kit (even for experienced drummers!)

Hi folks,
I just want to say that I bought the Alesis Surge Mesh kit about 4 months ago and it's my first E-Kit. However, I've been playing drums for well over 50 years and the last time I even came close to an electric kit was back around 1983 or maybe 1985.

Back then, they were OK but I recall the Roland kit I tried, (cost was around $2300), was "fun" but not what I would have taken to a stage by any stretch.

The electric drum with mesh heads has changed the way these drums felt and the way I thought of them.

I had to stop playing drums from around 2000 because the apartment complex made it impossible for me to use. I continued playing in some bars and even though it was only once or twice every 2 or 3 weeks, my wife, (recently deceased from cancer), really wasn't crazy about my schedule.

Then friends moved and things changed and yada, yada, yadla... I was thinking about a treadmill exercise machine and after my wife died, I started looking at them. It wasn't long before I could picture a $1200 treadmill sitting in the room, taking up space as a paperweight and gathering dust.

Then I recalled that I could burn something like 1000 to 1300 calories an hour playing the drums. I used to practice at least 2 hours each day and now that we owned a house, I started thinking about buying a new acoustic kit instead of a treadmill.

Well the house we bought is a Townhouse and even though the walls are super insulated, the low octave vibrations would easily travel through the floor, (the kit would be upstairs). In addition, the acoustic kits that I would be looking at cost quite a bit now, (I had 12-drum, 6 cymbal kit in my peak) even though I wasn't going to be on any stage.

That brought my attention to E-Kits and I started looking at some of the more advanced systems. Well, my stage days are far behind so I couldn't justify $4K+ drum systems so I spent time reading reviews and comparing features.

I finally settled on the Surge Mesh and WOW! I bought a good pair of headphones with 50mm drivers (really important) so that they could carry the lower octaves of the toms and bass. Oh, I did buy a small amp and on days when the neighbors are 'confirmed out', I pipe the system through the amp and my 200w home stereo sub-woofer.

Regardless of whether I'm using the headphones or the amps, the Surge Mesh was incredible from the get go! The module is easy to understand I can quickly set the voices I want and get going.

I lost 30lbs and actually dropped my waist size from 36 to 33! However, I did add a second kick bass, a 4th Tom, and another Ride cymbal, (with yet another 14" Ride on the way), so once I get warmed up and going, two hours later, I have to hit the shower.

Those of you who used to play drums and didn't think you'll ever see yourself 'back in the saddle', THINK AGAIN! There's no rule that says you have to stop doing what you always liked to do when you're over 60 years old.

Those of you who have it all going on right now and maybe even play gigs in a pro setting, the Surge Mesh will deliver without a doubt. The Surge Mesh is not a beginner's kit, though I see no reason why a beginner couldn't use it.

If you want the feel (and sound), of an acoustic kit and the durability of a pro-stage hardware, I strongly recommend the Surge Mesh!

I definitely recommend it for exercising your body and your mind!