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I’m frustrated

Strike Multipad tempo changes on the fly of any kit, pad or loop. Please help.

Why can't I change the tempo anytime I want on any kit, on any pad and on any loop. It accepts the new value when pressing tempo but it never changes the beat to the new tempo. This is very frustrating. Even what was suggested using F6 and invoking the looper, it does not change the tempo at all even when I am looking at the new value entered. This is essential. On the Yamaha dtx-multi12 or the Roland SPD-SX it is a breeze. You enter the new value and the tempo changes immediately. Am I doing something wrong? Guys, it should not be rocket science or a multi-step process to change a tempo on this platform. Please help. I love this machine but oh man, this is frustrating.
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  • Hello, Bigsky 

    Thanks for posting! 

    At this time, the Strike Multipad will not "Warp" samples to the BPM that is chosen, this is why every factory loop on the SMP is labeled with the tempo it was recorded at :) The BPM change will be mainly for the metronome, individual kits, and RGB feedback.

    If you are triggering your own samples/loops I would recommend making a kit with a specific kit tempo and exporting your audio clips at the same tempo. I have submitted this feature request to our development team already, it may be part of a feature update in the coming months.

    We appreciate your feedback! 
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