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I’m Idealistic

That extra iPad & Your DM Dock , What if you could adapt any size iPad to fit & never have to remove it .

I built an adaptor for my DM DRUM DOCK . To fit my iPad mini4 . Because it is my extra iPad . Because I use my iPad main for FLStudio Mobile 3 & Garageband . After I move Drum Tracks from my DM docked mini 4 . I think that if a size adaptor was made for the mini , you would sell more of these . I actually love it for ease of track creation to connect MIDI into my bigger DAW . I hope that updates for DM Drum App hasn't come to an end I love it too. Also, Because I have seen the DM Dock on music websites lately as a popular seller . I think the DM DOCK has finally started to be recognized for it's ease of connecting your MIDI Drums to any app or major DAW. I also think it just needed the faster iPads we have now compared to 2013... Just a thought , you could make a bundle off of size adaptor plates for these & believe me , they would sell , nobody wants to remove their iPad from the dock . So the extra iPad you may have laying around . No matter which iPad ,if you have the plastic Alesis size adaptor . Is perfect for your DM Dock ....
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