I’m sad and frustrated

The display on my Strike Pro Kit is not functioning properly

snare image on kit display shows lit trigger. steady snare sound from monitor and headphones. Less than a week old. third time used. strikepro kit.
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  • Hi Kevin, first thing to check is what software version you have. When you turn the module on it briefly says V1.2 or V1.3. Make sure you update to V1.3 this sorts out a lot of issues. After that you will have to go into your settings to fine tune a kit to your preference. Lastly, read through the 'hi hat behaving irratically' thread and the 'reversed cymbal' threads and make a comment if you have any of these issues.
    Note, read the comments after the V1.3 update about the hi hats as the comments before the update will not apply to you....... Happy drumming
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