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The Extra Input on the DM10 module? What is it for?

Concerning the DM10 Module. There is a 13th. input! What is it for? How do you use it? Additionally; as I went through the module inputs, I noticed one is in some way "unavailable" - because; I am using a Triple Zone Ride with the Bell! What exactly is unavailable? Why?
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  • Hello,

    Welcome back to the forum. The DM10 has 12 dual zone (12x 1/4" TRS) inputs. The extra input can be used a dual zone for a cymbal, not an extra cymbal or pad. You then have one input left which is your Hi-hat controller input. That is continuous compatible (1x 1/4"). You wouldn't be able to use dual zone with your Hi-Hat. The module's input does not support dual zone/TRS inputs (such as a VH-12).

    As for your last question, you should only use up to dual zone not triple. The DM10 is not optimized for triple zone.
    • Chris! Optimized or not, I have a triple zone ride working fine! I have a DM10! 4 Toms, 1 Bass, 1 Snare. All Alesis Real Heads! As to Cymbals: 1 Triple Zone Ride, 1 Dual Zone Crash, 2 Single Zone Crash and the Pro X Hi Hat. I use a Griffin Double base Pedals and A Griffin Hi Hat Stand! Both work quite well at a reasonable price! I upgraded to a DM 10 little by little. DM6, DM7X then DM10. My Frame is a Highly Modified DM6 Frame - much, much, much sturdier than stock DM6 or DM7x! Maybe, even stronger than the DM10's Frame! It's a Rock Solid Frame! I needed slightly smaller then the standard DM10 - to fit in the room - LOL. I have the standard DM10 cable Snake and Updated Firmware. However; I seem to be "Maxed Out."

      Strange! One single zone crash cymbal on Perc 4 always defaults to A Latin Percussion Tom! Is there a way to edit Perc 4 universally for all kits as opposed to 1 at a time?
    • Hi Dabonboza, I have the same issue with perc4 input defaulting to the Latin Tom voice. I haven't found any way to do a mass edit, so I have just gone in to each kit that I like to use ( my go to is Big Wet!!). That said I hope I never have to do a factory default reset... Best of luck to you and happy drumming.
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