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This kit is amazing plain and simple

ok first off I just bought the strike kit basically sight unseen, in other words I never put my hands on this thing before buying, huge gamble yes. So I am in packing this baby and the first thing I notice is how stage ready this thing is... I can easily incorporate this into my standard kit and it would look seemless... blown away more impressively is what kind of beating this thing takes...... I am not a soft drummer by any means and this kit takes it like a champ. I did add locking clamps to the drums to help in slippage but I probably don't need them. I run the rig into two 4x10 bass cabinets with a horn powered by a 400 watt head I run direct with some amazing sound and power. I sampled my own pearl custom export kit with 5 mics. In short this is quite the bang for the buck and not to dis roland because I do own a td 11, I checked out the td30 and honestly the strike is a better all around drum kit, I would recommend this kit to any serious drummer. I love this kit