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Trying to modernize workflow

Hi all. I have a question relating to the MMT8. Probably one of the 1st & favorite pieces of music equipment i've ever owned. I hope my question makes some sense. I'm trying to transfer some of the data from the MMT-8 to a DAW workflow and i wanted to get an idea of the easiest way to accomplish this. Much of the data i had on the MMT-8 over the years was saved to disc via SYS-EX, as backup. I guess i would need to know, in order to work with these files and sequences, what would be recommended in terms of software and hardware? Would i have to transfer SYS-EX back to the MMT8 then to a DAW workflow OR would i be able to go from SYS-EX without the MMT8? My hope is that whatever data i'm sending, whether it's from MMT8 or via SYS-EX, is properly understood by whichever software i'm using. Hope some of this makes sense and you're able to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
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