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Unable to trigger sounds in the DM10 via the MIDI In port


I own a Crimson Mesh kit as well as a DM10 module. I want to be able to trigger drum sounds from the DM10 by connecting the Crimson module to it via traditional MIDI. I have connected the MIDI Out of the Crimson to the MIDI In of the DM10, set the DM10 to allow local control of internal sounds via MIDI In but I am getting no triggering at all.

I have tested every unit and every cable and the strange thing is, if I connect my Alesis PercPad to the DM10 via MIDI, I can trigger the sounds in the DM10 by playing the PercPad. If I connect my old Yamaha DTXpress module to the DM10 in the same fashion, the Yamaha triggers the DM10 perfectly too.

If I connect the Crimson to my Yamaha module, I can trigger the DTXpress from the Crimson module.

So it seems the MIDI Out is working perfectly on the Crimson and the MIDI In is working just fine on the DM10. It is only when I connect the Crimson MIDI Out to the DM10 MIDI In that it fails to work.

I did notice that I had to boot the modules in a specific order to make it work. The DM10 must be powered on first, followed by the module attached to the DM10 MIDI In.

I am at a loss and would greatly appreciate any help and advice.

Many thanks,

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