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USB Dongle not working on PC

when i plug the midi cable to the vortex, it is working good and i am able to trigger the sounds from the Ableton Live. But when switching to the usb dongle, it stopps.. why? and how do I know if the dongle is corrupted or is not working anymore? should the dongle lights up when connected to the pc?
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  • Hi Amin,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having issues with your Vortex.

    No, the dongle doesn't illuminate when connected with your computer/controller. If you find that your Vortex isn't responding with the included dongle and you've tried using another USB port with your computer, you may need to replace the dongle. Our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you with this. Log on to to contact the Support team. Their contact information is listed on that page.
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