USB Pro drum kit/Trigger IO - HiHat & pad(s) cannot trigger at the same time, sensitivity variances

I bought the USB Pro drum kit a year or two ago and I really like it as a whole but I can't seem to get it to play very well. I've been an acoustic drummer for getting close to 20 years and I know there's going to be a feel difference with an e-kit. Really, I'm just looking to get it playable so I can record some stuff with Toontrack to mess with my band's old material. Here are my main issues:

1) For some reason, my Surge hi hat and any other pad (like snare) cannot trigger at the same time. I have the x-talk and other settings set based on the Trigger i/o manual suggestions. I thought when I was playing it that it was me (or issue #2) but after testing it, they can't trigger at the same time. Any suggestions?

2) Man, the velocities are way over the place - especially with the snare. It's killing me. I'm not the most precise drummer, I'll admit, but I'm trying my darnedest to hit the center of the pad with a similar strength hit and the velocities just all over the spectrum. I tend to play hard, so I'm trying not to spike out at 127 without a good strength hit. However, I like the ghost notes if the stick bounces off the pad. It helps with the realism of the performance. But a medium hit seems to get me 50-60 velocity and a little harder either spikes out at 127 or just does like 70-80. Always hitting 127 kills the performance sound, as it's machine gun-y. Any suggestions to get a realistic snare feel? I've tried swapping pads, changing all the settings and keep getting nowhere. Soft hits are 10s, 20s, so I feel like the pads should be capable of the full spectrum... it is the "tuning"/tightness of the heads on the pads? would I be better of with a real snare trigger rather than just one of the RealHead pads? Are the pads on the DM sets that much different/better than these?

Let me know your suggestions. I know I didn't buy an expensive e-kit, so I get what I pay for, but I feel like the components have the functionality and it's just me.
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