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Using SamplePad in a live rock band situation

I had a question about using the Samplepad live in a rock band setting.

I am the drummer of the group and I am looking for a device to trigger not only samples, but lets say a longer passage of music...

For example, our band covers Elton John's "crocodile rock". We dont' have a keyboard player in the band, so I wanted to edit the first 10 seconds of the song (keyboard intro) in Garageband, save this out as a .wav file and when we play this song live, basically trigger it off and the song intro starts playing. We would obviously kick the band in when its time to...

Also, if this is possible, how can you logistically do this with many songs if there are only 4 pads? Lets say I have 10 samples to trigger off throughout the night of a live performance....if I only have 4 pads, would I manually have to assign the .wav files to the pads as the night goes as I need the sounds? or is there any banks or anything so I can preload many sample assigns and recall them as needed?

Thanks in advance!
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